Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Landscaping update

With the spring wrapping up, we have been spending much of our free time working in the yard.

As with the interior, if I wait until everything is organized and put away to take photos, I will never take any. So here you will see that we are still working on fencing around some of our trees and rocks are piled here and there, but it is our progress. And I must admit that I am pretty happy about it.

This spring has been mostly about trees. It started on Mother's day and we have planted quite a few. I am looking forward to watching these grow through the years. We got a mix of slow-growing and fast-growing trees. We had to be careful not to plant things that would grow to block the solar panels on our roof.  I have labeled what we have planted below.

There are four more trees that are further down the driveway that I did not take photos of: three cypress trees for privacy and one willow at the base of the drive. We dug a hole just above the willow to catch some of the runoff from the hill to support the willow tree. I was happy to see less muddy water running off our driveway after the last rainfall. I hope it was not my wishful thinking, but I will stay tuned.

We started a vegetable garden indoors (thanks Grandpa Chuck and Grammy Sue!) and are trying to figure out where to plant the items so that the deer do not get them. I hope to get to that this weekend. Perennials are in the bed in front of the house and most everything seems to be doing well from last year. I have added a few new plants this year, but most made it through their first winter here. I love being inside and watching the butterflies flutter above the plants.

A few other items on the agenda are doing some digging and placing the rocks for the walkway. Dad and James have talked me into using the backhoe and then using a cement base so we do not have to worry about weeds in the future. That is down the road a bit, though. After we do that, I will be ready to reseed the grass.

With 3 acres, there is plenty to do. Good thing I enjoy getting my hands dirty.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Cincinnati Enquirer featured our home in their Cool Homes series. The online article can be found here. The print version should be in the Saturday paper in a month or so if you want to keep an eye out.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Northside Home Tour

Thank you to all who came out to the home tour yesterday. We had such a great turnout and it was wonderful to meet so many neighbors. With a steady flow from 12-5, the only drawback was that I did not get more time to talk with you. I would love to get to know our neighbors better, so please shoot me an email or friend request on facebook. (I am Heather Pez Kinsman on fb.) We love Northside and we truly appreciated meeting you. Big thanks to the organizers who made the event run so smoothly. Hope to see you all soon!

Monday, September 10, 2012

House Tours

We have two tours coming up. The Northside House Tour will be on Sunday, September 30th from 12pm-5pm. Click on the link to find information about tickets.

The following weekend we will again be a part of the National & Ohio Solar Tour on Sunday 1-4. This event is free. All are welcome. Please stop by and say hello!

ps. Now I am curious as to what we were watching in the photo above. :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Above is an updated exterior shot. The large drainout pipes have been cut to ground level and we have done some landscaping. This hasn't been the best year for trying to grow grass from seed. I gave up watering the grass about midsummer and have been focusing solely on the plants. Just watering those a couple times a week has kept me busy. And as promised, here is a photo of the bookshelves, finished for now. This is about ten boxes of books. I love how there is plenty of open space so it feels less cluttered.

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